Spa Treatments

Spa Facial

Relax while you are treated to a customized herbal face massage that includes an herbal face cleanser, aromatherapy, warm towels and massage to bring back that special glow ending with a light moisturizer.
One session: $35
Add Paraffin to Facial: $8

Paraffin Hands and Feet

Warm therapeutic paraffin nourishes the skin while it relaxes, hydrates and softens. Paraffin soothes joint stiffness and muscle spasms.
One session: $25.00


This is a real treat for your overworked feet! We’ll cleanse and exfoliate your feet up to your ankles, then massage away the stress of your day. You’ll leave feeling as though you are walking on air.
One session: $40

Salt Glow or Body Polish

Mineral salts from the Dead Sea are combined with essential oils and water to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells.  Light circular motions also invigorate he circulatory system. We use Body Polish for sensitive skin. Either treatment is great for dry, dehydrated skin, fatigue and tension.
One session: $50

Aromatherapy: $8
Skin Brushing: $15
Scalp Massage:  $15
Paraffin Hands: $10


Our esthetician offers professional skin care treatments including chemical exfoliation, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, mineral mask, paraffin mask; anti-aging facials and acne treatment. Customized facials and full waxing services for women and men are also offered. Call today to learn more – and love the skin you’re in!

Anti-Stress Wrap

The ultimate in de-stressing!  We begin with a salt glow, followed by hot oil aromatherapy while enveloped in warm steam towels wrapped in thermal blankets for a complete relaxation of you body, mind and soul.
One session: $75

Para Fango Mud Wrap

Fango mud, sea clay from beneath the sea floor, is rich in minerals from the sea and plant derivatives. Because it mineralizes the skin, the mud is good for aching muscles and joints, eruptions and impurities of the skin and for overactive oil glands.  It also pulls out cellulite, tones & tightens and results in inches & weight loss.
One session: $85

Health Treatments


It provides relief from fatigue, gas, headaches, irritability, skin problems, constipation, cold hands and feet.  It removes toxins and restores good health.  There are no discomforts or side effects.
One session: $60
Subsequent sessions: $50 each

Infrared Sauna

Our infared sauna used infared heat to emit infrared light which is experienced as radiant heat and absorbed by the skin. This is very beneficial and different from traditional saunas that heat the body primarily by conduction and convection from heated air and radiation of heated room surfaces.
One 20 Minute Session: $25.00
Series of Five Sessions: $100.00